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What is nok nok?

nok nok is an iPhone application that allows users to connect with other users within range of their position. If you decide to connect your facebook account, you can see other users public profiles. You can also see and share your "ask me about" tag which lets you tell people what you're interested in talking about. Users also have the ability to send instant messages to each other.

Sharing Social Networks:

nok nok offers you the ability to safely and securely share your social networks. For users who have decided to share social media, its easy to view and browse other users facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedIn accounts. Privacy is strictly maintained and at any time users have the option to stop sharing their profiles.

Karma and Karma Threshold:

Karma is a persistent user-defined score. Every user initially has a karma rating of 10 that goes up and down depending on the votes of other nok nok users. If the user is funny/smart/helpful/attractive presumably they will be up-voted. If they are jerks they'll be down-voted. The Karma Threshold allows users to filter out low rated users. The low rated user cannot see anyone with a karma threshold higher than the low rated users karma.

What Is This Really About?

nok nok is about sharing. It is about fostering a culture of individuals willing to discuss, create, and implement new ideas, new businesses, and new relationships. nok nok was envisioned to bring virtual-social-networking to life. We imagined that users would not only have fun, but could also build dynamic and vibrant communities and work together to achieve common goals. We are committed to providing the best possible user experience and welcome any and all feedback. Please feel free to contact us with kudos or cracks to: